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Top 10 Back spot facing tools companies in the world

When it comes to essential tools in the realm of mechanical machining and manufacturing, back spot facing tools are undeniably crucial. Whether in aerospace, automotive industries, or general mechanical machining, back spot facing tools play a vital role. They facilitate the handling of complex surface requirements and ensure precise alignment of various components during assembly. Companies specializing in manufacturing back spot facing tools are tasked with the responsibility of developing and producing these critical tools. Their innovations not only drive technological advancements but also provide efficient and reliable solutions across industries. This blog explores several prominent back spot facing tools companies and their impact and contributions to the industry.

Erix Tool

Erix Tool, based in Sweden, is renowned for its innovative approach to solving common and complex problems associated with machining processes. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality precision tools, particularly focusing on solutions for back spotfacing, front and back chamfering, and deburring. Their patented tooling systems are developed with the goal of improving efficiency, accuracy, and safety in CNC machining operations.

Key Products and Innovations

  • Back Spotfacing and Chamfering Tools: Erix Tool’s flagship products include their back spotfacing and chamfering tools. These tools are specifically designed to access the backside of holes in workpieces, allowing for accurate and efficient machining without the need to manually reposition the piece. This capability is particularly useful in industries where precision and time efficiency are critical.
  • Deburring Tools: In addition to spotfacing and chamfering, Erix Tool offers solutions for deburring. Their tools are designed to remove burrs from edges and surfaces, contributing to the production of smoother and more precise components.

HEULE Precision Tools

HEULE Precision Tools is a renowned company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-quality precision tools for deburring and automated machining operations. Founded in Switzerland, HEULE has established a strong global presence, catering to a diverse range of industries including aerospace, automotive, energy, and general engineering sectors.

Key Offerings and Innovations

  • Deburring Tools: HEULE’s deburring tools are designed to efficiently remove burrs from the front and back sides of drilled holes in a single pass, significantly reducing processing time and enhancing the finish quality.
  • Back Spot Facing Tools: One of their standout innovations is their back spot facing tools, which allow for the precise machining of spot faces or counterbores from the backside of holes—ideal for parts where traditional spot facing is not feasible due to accessibility issues.
  • Chamfering Tools: Their tools for chamfering provide uniform and consistent chamfers, crucial for preparing parts for subsequent operations such as assembly or welding.
  • Automated Solutions: HEULE tools are engineered for automation compatibility, supporting efforts to streamline production processes and reduce manual intervention.

NIKKEN Kosakusho Works Ltd

NIKKEN Kosakusho Works Ltd. is a globally recognized leader in the manufacturing and supply of precision engineering products, particularly known for its comprehensive range of tooling solutions. Established in Japan, NIKKEN has expanded its presence worldwide, serving industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and more with high-quality, innovative products.

Core Product Lines and Innovations

  • Tool Holders: NIKKEN is renowned for its wide array of tool holders, which are designed to provide stability, precision, and efficiency in various machining operations. These tool holders are engineered to reduce vibration and improve the surface finish of machined parts.
  • Rotary Tables: The company offers advanced rotary tables that enhance the capabilities of machining centers. These tables allow for high precision and productivity in multi-axis machining operations, making them suitable for complex and intricate manufacturing tasks.
  • Drilling Solutions, Including Back Spot Face Tools: Among its specialty tools, NIKKEN has developed solutions for challenging machining processes such as back spot facing. Their back spot face tools are designed for efficiency and precision in creating counterbores or spot faces on the backside of holes, an operation that is typically difficult to perform with standard tooling.
  • Precision Measuring Instruments and Presetters: To complement its machining solutions, NIKKEN offers a range of high-quality measuring instruments and tool presetters. These devices ensure tools are set to the exact specifications required, minimizing errors and enhancing overall productivity.
  • NC Tooling Systems and Accessories: NIKKEN’s extensive product lineup includes a variety of NC tooling systems and accessories, each designed to meet the demanding requirements of precision machining. These products offer solutions that improve machining accuracy, reduce setup time, and enhance the overall efficiency of production processes.

Mollart Engineering

Mollart Engineering is a prominent name in the precision engineering industry, known for its expertise and innovation in the design and manufacture of specialized machinery and tooling. Based in the United Kingdom, Mollart has carved out a niche for itself, especially in the fields of deep hole drilling, honing, and machining solutions. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, Mollart Engineering has established a reputation for delivering high-quality, bespoke solutions to a wide array of industries.

Core Competencies and Services

  • Deep Hole Drilling Solutions: Mollart is renowned for its deep hole drilling technology, offering a range of machines and tools capable of producing deep, precise holes in a variety of materials. Their equipment is designed to handle complex drilling requirements with high accuracy, making them suitable for critical applications in aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, and medical industries.
  • Machining and Honing Services: Beyond drilling, Mollart Engineering provides comprehensive machining services, including turning, milling, and honing. Their capabilities allow for the production of finely finished surfaces and tight-tolerance components, essential for high-performance applications.
  • Custom Engineering Solutions: Understanding that off-the-shelf solutions don’t always meet specific needs, Mollart excels in delivering custom-engineered solutions. Whether it’s a unique machine design or a specialized tooling system, their engineering team works closely with clients to develop solutions tailored to their precise requirements.


BIG DAISHOWA Seiki Co. Ltd. is a prominent company known for its high-quality precision tooling solutions. Headquartered in Japan, BIG DAISHOWA has carved out a strong reputation in the global manufacturing industry for its precision tool holders, boring tools, cutting tools, measuring instruments, and a wide range of other precision machining solutions. The company’s focus on innovation, quality, and precision has made it a preferred partner for industries requiring the utmost accuracy and efficiency in their machining processes, such as aerospace, automotive, mold making, and general engineering.

Key Product Lines and Innovations:

  • Precision Tool Holders: BIG DAISHOWA is renowned for its range of high-precision tool holders that include hydraulic chucks, milling chucks, and shrink fit holders. These tool holders are designed to minimize vibration and improve the machinability, leading to higher accuracy, better surface finish, and longer tool life.
  • Boring Tools: The company offers an extensive range of precision boring tools optimized for high accuracy and fine finishing. These tools are essential in operations requiring very tight tolerances and are widely used in industries such as automotive and aerospace engineering.
  • Measuring Instruments: Understanding the need for precise measurement in machining, BIG DAISHOWA provides a variety of measuring instruments and systems to ensure that machining operations meet strict specifications with minimal error.
  • Cutting Tools: BIG DAISHOWA’s cutting tools, including drills, end mills, and taps, are engineered for superior performance and durability. These tools are designed to tackle a wide array of materials and machining conditions, enhancing productivity and efficiency on the shop floor.
  • Zero-Point Clamping Systems: The company also offers innovative zero-point clamping systems that significantly reduce setup times and increase machine utilization. These systems provide a quick, accurate, and repeatable method for fixture changeovers, making them highly beneficial for high-mix, low-volume production environments.

Parlec-PARLEC, Inc

Parlec, now part of the Parlec-PARLEC, Inc., has been a notable name in the tooling industry, known for its comprehensive range of precision tooling solutions and machine tool accessories. The company has built a reputation for excellence over the years, providing high-quality products that cater to the needs of various manufacturing industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and heavy machinery.

Key Product Offerings

  • Tool Holders: Parlec offered a wide variety of tool holders, designed to fit a range of machining needs, including high-speed machining and heavy-duty applications. These products are renowned for their precision, balance, and durability.
  • Boring Solutions: Specializing in precision boring, Parlec provided comprehensive solutions that deliver high accuracy and finish quality. Their boring tools were designed to tackle the most challenging boring operations with ease and precision.
  • Presetter Machines: Parlec was well-known for its advanced tool presetting machines. These devices allow for the precise measurement and setting of tool dimensions before machining, leading to significant improvements in machining accuracy and efficiency.
  • Collets and Chucks: Offering a range of collets, chucks, and other tool gripping solutions, Parlec catered to diverse machining requirements. These components were designed for high reliability and performance, ensuring optimal gripping force and minimal tool runout.
  • Custom Tooling Solutions: Recognizing the unique challenges of different industries, Parlec provided custom tooling solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. This bespoke approach ensured that clients received tooling perfectly suited to their applications.

Steiner Technologies, Inc

Steiner Technologies, Inc., also widely recognized for its trademarked Autofacer® brand, is a specialized manufacturing company that has carved a niche for itself in the field of precision engineering tools. Primarily, Steiner Technologies focuses on innovative solutions for automated back spot facing and counterboring. These processes are critical in various manufacturing industries where precision is paramount, such as aerospace, automotive, and heavy machinery manufacturing.

Key Products and Innovations:

  • Autofacer®: Steiner Technologies is best known for its Autofacer® products, which are groundbreaking tools designed for automatic back spot facing and counterboring. The Autofacer® allows machinists to perform these operations efficiently from one side of the workpiece, eliminating the need to manually turn large or cumbersome parts. This innovation significantly reduces labor costs, enhances precision, and improves overall productivity in manufacturing operations.
  • Custom Engineering Solutions: Understanding that manufacturing challenges can be extremely diverse, Steiner Technologies also provides custom engineering services. They design and manufacture specialized tools to meet specific operational requirements, thereby offering solutions tailored to the unique needs of their clients.

Granlund Tools AB

Granlund Tools AB is a prominent Swedish company that specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality tools and machinery for metalworking applications. Established in Sweden, Granlund has garnered a strong reputation for its precision engineering capabilities and innovative product offerings. The company’s portfolio covers a wide range of tooling solutions, catering to various aspects of manufacturing and machining processes.

Key Products and Innovations

  • Counterboring and Spotfacing Tools: Granlund Tools is well-known for its comprehensive selection of counterboring and spotfacing tools. These tools are essential for creating precise flat surfaces and cavities in metallic workpieces, ensuring components fit together seamlessly in assembly processes.
  • Reaming Tools: The company also manufactures high-quality reaming tools used to finish drilled holes to tight tolerances, achieving smooth and precise surfaces. Granlund’s reamers are designed for optimum performance and longevity.
  • Tooling Systems: Granlund offers advanced tooling systems that provide flexibility and high precision in machining operations. These systems include a variety of holders, adapters, and special-purpose tools designed for specific machining tasks.
  • Custom Engineering Services: Recognizing that manufacturing challenges can vary widely, Granlund provides custom engineering services to develop tailor-made tooling solutions that meet unique operational requirements. This bespoke approach ensures customers receive the most efficient and effective tool for their specific application.


NT USA CORPORATION is a subsidiary of the NTK Cutting Tools, which itself is part of the NGK Spark Plugs group, known globally for its contribution to the automotive parts and ceramics industries. NT USA CORPORATION specifically focuses on supplying high-quality precision tooling solutions for the metalworking and manufacturing industries. The company’s offerings include a broad spectrum of cutting tools, including drills, end mills, turn tools, and toolholders, among others. NT USA CORPORATION operates mainly within the United States, serving a diverse range of customers across various sectors such as aerospace, automotive, general engineering, and medical industries.

Key Products and Services

  • Cutting Tools: NT USA CORPORATION provides an extensive range of cutting tools that include high-performance carbide drills, end mills, and inserts designed for precision machining. Their products are engineered for a wide range of materials and applications, focusing on enhancing productivity and tool life.
  • 2. Toolholders: The company offers a variety of toolholding solutions that ensure high precision and rigidity during machining operations. These toolholders are designed to decrease runout and maximize the cutting tool’s performance.
  • 3. Custom Solutions: Recognizing the unique challenges faced by manufacturers, NT USA CORPORATION also specializes in providing custom tooling solutions tailored to meet specific machining requirements. This bespoke service allows for optimizations that can significantly improve manufacturing efficiency and output quality.


Back spot facing tools companies
Back spot facing tools companies

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 Key Products and Services

  • Carbide CNC Tools: ONMY TOOLS offers a comprehensive selection of cutting tools, such as advanced carbide drills, end mills, and inserts crafted for precise machining tasks. Engineered to optimize productivity and durability across various materials and applications, our products are designed to enhance performance and tool longevity.
  • Lathe Form Tools: ONMY TOOLS stands at the forefront in the field of Lathe Form Tools, recognized for its leading position and expertise. We specialize in delivering precision-engineered form tools for lathes that excel in shaping and profiling workpieces with utmost accuracy and efficiency. Our extensive range of form tools is meticulously designed to meet diverse machining requirements, ensuring high-performance results and enhanced productivity for our customers across various industries.
  • Custom Solutions:ONMY TOOLS specializes in customizing high-performance carbide inserts, bringing extensive expertise to the field. We focus on precision engineering tailored carbide inserts to meet diverse machining needs. With meticulous design and optimized manufacturing processes, our inserts ensure exceptional performance across various materials and applications, enhancing productivity for our customers.
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