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RCMT insert
RCMT insert

RCMT insert

RCMT insert angle: 7° Positive Rake Insert with single-sided Chipbreaker;

Screw-On Inserts;

Round carbide insert;

Breaker Application: Rough, Heavy, Semi-finshing machining;

Matching RCMT insert holder: SRGCR, SRDCN;

Range of rcmt insert types: RCMT0602/RCMT1204;

RCMT Insert can deal with multiple operations by combining different chip breakers and grades;

Material : Tungsten Carbide;

RCMX insert specification

RCMT Inserts offer a multi-tasking solution! 

Customize your inserts with various chip breakers and grades to tackle diverse operations.

Their smooth, high-performance coatings ensure efficient machining and exceptional stability.

Reduce your tooling costs and achieve superior surface quality with these excellent inserts.

We offer multiple specifications to meet your exact needs – review the details and contact us with your requirements!

RCMT insert Meaning

Understanding the RCMT Insert Code

  • R: Shape: Round. RCMT inserts are round but have cutting edges spaced around the circumference for indexing.
  • C: Clearance Angle: 0 degrees, though some variations might exist with a small positive angle.
  • M: Tolerance: Medium tolerance (‘M’) is most typical, but precision tolerances might be available.
  • T: Chipbreaker style & Hole Configuration. This letter denotes the specific chipbreaker and whether the insert has a hole. 
  • Numerical Digits:
    • First Two Digits: Inscribed Circle (IC) diameter in millimeters. To obtain the approximate inch equivalent, divide this number by 25.4.
    • Next Two Digits: May refer to thickness or other dimensions depending on the manufacturer. Always consult the specific manufacturer’s catalog.

RCMT insert holder





RCMT Insert Dimensions (ISO)

RCMT DesignationSide Length (Approx.)ThicknessCommon Corner Radii
RCMT 06020.236" (6mm)0.078" (2mm)0.015" (0.4mm), 0.031" (0.8mm)
RCMT 08030.315" (8mm)0.118" (3mm)0.031" (0.8mm), 0.062" (1.6mm)
RCMT 10T30.393" (10mm)0.157" (4mm)0.031" (0.8mm), 0.062" (1.6mm)
RCMT 12040.472" (12mm)0.157" (4mm)0.031" (0.8mm), 0.062" (1.6mm), 0.125" (3.2mm)

Example: RCMT 1204MO

    • Round shape: with multiple cutting edges.
    • 0-degree clearance angle (or potentially a slight positive angle)
    • Medium tolerance.
    • Manufacturer-specific chipbreaker and hole configuration.
    • 12mm inscribed circle diameter (approx. 0.47″ in inches)
    • “04” and “MO” will have manufacturer-specific meanings for thickness, edge style, etc.

    Important Notes

    • Manufacturer Specificity: Due to the round shape, dimensions like thickness and specific edge geometry will be heavily dependent on the individual manufacturer’s design. The numerical part of the code beyond the IC is not standardized.
    • Chipbreaker Styles: Consult the manufacturer’s catalog for details on specific chipbreaker geometries and functions.
    • Versatile Shape: Round inserts offer multiple cutting edges which can be indexed for cost-effectiveness.

The Science Behind Carbide Inserts: How They're Made and Why They're So Strong

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