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KNUX insert

KNUX insert

KNUX insert angle:0° Negative Rake Insert with single-sided Chipbreaker;

55° Parallelogram turning insert;

KNUX Inserts are designed with negative cutting edge and positive flank along the narrow edge;

Breaker Application: Semi-finshing and finishing machining;

Available in left or right hand;

Matching TurningTool Holder: CKNNR/L;

Material : Tungsten Carbide;

KNUX insert specification

KNUX Inserts are engineered for precision chamfering.

Their negative cutting edge and positive flank design ensure high hardness, wear resistance, and excellent strength, even in harsh conditions.

Expect minimal downtime thanks to fast, convenient blade replacement.

These carbide inserts deliver a smooth finish, simple operation, and consistent chamfering results – making them a cost-effective and reliable choice.


Maximize the productivity of your CNC equipment with KNUX Inserts.   

Expect extended service life, reduced maintenance costs, and the precision that reflects our dedication to quality. 

We offer competitive wholesale pricing on large orders, paired with the peace of mind of our top-notch after-sales service.

KNUX insert Meaning

Understanding the KNUX Insert Code

  • KNUX:

    • K: Shape (rhombic with an 55-degree included angle, although the edge has a unique preparation).
    • N: Clearance angle (0 degrees).
    • U: Indicates a higher strength design
    • X: Chipbreaker geometry and hole configuration (manufacturer-specific).
  • Numerical Digits

    • First Two Digits: Inscribed circle (IC) diameter in millimeters. Divide by 25.4 to get the approximate inch size.
    • Next Two Digits: Thickness in millimeters. Divide by 25.4 to convert to inches.
    • Last Two Digits: Corner radius in millimeters. Divide by 25.4 to convert to inches.

KNUX insert holder



DNMG Insert Dimensions (ISO and INCH)

ISO DesignationInscribed Circle (IC)ThicknessCorner Radius
KNUX 16040516mm (0.63")4.76mm (0.187")0.5mm (0.02")
KNUX 16041016mm (0.63")4.76mm (0.187")1.0mm (0.039")

Example: KNUX 160405

  • Rhombic shape with an 55-degree included angle and specialized edge preparation
  • 0-degree clearance angle.
  • Higher strength design
  • Manufacturer-specific chipbreaker and hole configuration
  • 16mm inscribed circle diameter (approx. 0.63″ in inches)
  • 4.76mm thick (approx. 0.187″ in inches)
  • 0.5mm corner radius (approx. 0.02″ in inches).

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