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DCGX insert
DCGX insert

DCGX insert

DCGX insert angle:7° Positive rake insert with a single-sided chipbreaker;

55° rhombic turning insert;

Primary workpiece material: Aluminium;

Breaker application: Semi-finshing and finishing machining;

Matching turning tool holder: SDQCR/L, SDUCR/L;

Material : Tungsten carbide;

DCGX insert specification

G class tolerance with big rake angle, polish and ground on surface, special geometry is resistant to chip built-up on the insert edge, maximize surface finish on aluminum machining and insert tool life.

DCGX insert tool holder

DCGT insert tool holder

DCGX insert Introduction

                       Understanding the DCGX Insert Code

      • D: Shape: Rhombic (diamond) with a 55-degree included angle.
      • C: Clearance Angle: 7 degrees (positive).
      • G: Tolerance: “G” indicates a medium tolerance range, though other precision tolerances may exist.
      • X: Chipbreaker style & Hole Configuration. This letter designates the specific chipbreaker geometry and whether the insert has a hole or not. Chipbreaker variations are numerous and manufacturer-specific.
    •        Numerical Digits:
      • First Two Digits: Inscribed circle (IC) diameter in millimeters. To obtain the approximate inch equivalent, divide this number by 25.4.
      • Next Two Digits: Thickness in millimeters. Divide by 25.4 to convert to inches.
      • Last Two Digits: Nose radius in millimeters. To convert to inches, divide by 25.4.

DCGX Insert Dimensions (ISO)

ISO DesignationInscribed Circle (IC)ThicknessCorner Radius
DCGX 0702027.94mm (0.313")2.38mm (0.094")0.2mm (0.008")
DCGX 0702047.94mm (0.313")2.38mm (0.094")0.4mm (0.016")
DCGX 11T30211mm (0.433")3.18mm (0.125")0.2mm (0.008")
DCGX 11T30411mm (0.433")3.18mm (0.125")0.4mm (0.016")
DCGX 11T30811mm (0.433")3.18mm (0.125")0.8mm (0.031")

Example: DCGX 11T308

  • Rhombic (diamond) shape with a 55-degree included angle.
  • 7-degree positive clearance angle.
  • Medium tolerance.
  • Manufacturer-specific chipbreaker and hole configuration.
  • 11mm inscribed circle diameter (approx. 0.43″ in inches).
  • 3.18mm thick (approx. 0.125″ in inches).
  • 0.8mm nose radius (approx. 0.031″ in inches).

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