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WNMG insert

WNMG insert angle : 0° Negative Rake Insert with double-sided Chipbreaker;

WNMG carbide insert inscribed circle (IC) of 9.525mm/12.7mm, thickness of 3.97mm/4.76mm, and corner (nose) radius of 0.2mm/0.4mm/0.8mm/1.2mm;

Machining Scene:Roughing machining/Semi-finish machining/Finishing machining;

Workpiece materials: Carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel and high temperature alloys, steel and cast iron;

Matching WNMG insert Holder: DWLNR/L, PWLNR/L, PWLNR/L;

WNMG carbide insert sizes:(ISO) WNMG06t304; WNMG06t308; WNMG060404; WNMG060408; WNMG080404; WNMG080408; WNMG080412;  

(ANSI) WNMG331/ WNMG332/ WNMG431/ WNMG432;

Product Introduction

WNMG Insert can deal with multiple operations by combining different chip breakers and grades.

Key Features

  • Shape: WNMG inserts have a trigon shape (equilateral triangle) with an 80° included angle. This robust shape offers three cutting edges for cost-effectiveness.
  • Neutral Rake Angle: The cutting face is neither positive nor negative, but at a 0° angle to the cutting edge. This provides a strong edge suitable for various materials and operations.
  • Clearance Angle: Often around 5-7° to prevent the insert rubbing on the workpiece.
  • Advanced Chipbreakers: WNMG inserts feature complex chipbreaker geometries on one or both sides, significantly influencing chip formation for specific materials and applications.
  • Coatings: Commonly coated with materials like TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, and others for improved wear resistance and longevity.

WNMG insert Specification

              Understanding the WNMG Code

               The letters and numbers in the WNMG designation reveal crucial information:

  • W: Trigon shape with an 80° included angle
  • N: Neutral (0°) rake angle
  • M: Tolerance class (indicates precision of size)
  • G: Indicates the specific hole and chipbreaker design (varies by manufacturer)


    • Usually the first two numbers represent the inscribed circle (size of the triangle) in sixteenths of an inch (or directly in millimeters for ISO codes).
    • The third number represents thickness in sixteenths of an inch.
    • The last number often indicates the nose radius (smaller means sharper).

WNMG insert holder





Carbide VNMG Insert Dimensions (ISO AND ANSI)

ISO DesignationANSI DesignationInscribed Circle (IC)ThicknessCorner Radius
WNMG 060404WNMG3316.35mm (0.25")3.18mm (0.125")0.4mm (0.016")
WNMG 060408WNMG3326.35mm (0.25")3.18mm (0.125")0.8mm (0.031")
WNMG060412WNMG3336.35mm (0.25")3.18mm (0.125")1.2mm(0.047'')
WNMG 080404WNMG4318mm (0.315")4.76mm (0.187")0.4mm (0.016")
WNMG 080408WNMG4328mm (0.315")4.76mm (0.187")0.8mm (0.031")
WNMG080412WNMG4338mm (0.315")4.76mm (0.187")1.2mm(0.047'')

Example: WNMG 080408 (ISO)

  • Trigon shape, neutral rake insert.
  • Inscribed circle of 12.7mm (approx. 1/2″).
  • Thickness of 4.76mm (approx. 3/16″).
  • Specific chipbreaker/hole design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose a WNMG insert based on:

  • Workpiece Material: Match the insert grade to your material.
  • Type of Turning Operation: Roughing needs larger nose radius for strength, finishing needs smaller radius for better surface finish.
  • Chip Control: Choosing the perfect chipbreaker geometry is crucial with WNMGs to optimize the cutting process.

Important Considerations

  • WNMG inserts are incredibly versatile, but the key to maximizing performance lies in selecting the right chipbreaker for your specific operation and material. Refer to manufacturer documentation for details.

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