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VCGT insert
vcgt insert

VCGT insert

VCGT insert angle :35 degree 7° Positive Rake Insert with single-sided Chipbreaker;
Screw-On Insert, Finshing machining;
Matching VCGT insert Tool Holder: SVJBR/L, SVABR/L, SVVBN, SVQBR/L, SVUBR/L;
Range of VCGT insert types:(ISO)VCGT160404/ VCGT160408/ VCGT110302/ VCGT110304(ANSI) VCGT331;
VCGT Insert can deal with multiple operations by combining different chip breakers and grades;

Material : Tungsten Carbide;

Product Introduction

The VCGT insert is specially designed for aluminium alloy lathe machining, with a dedicated chipbreaker, which not only eliminates the problem of chip entanglement that occurs during aluminium alloy finishing, but also provides an excellent surface finish.

Key Features

    • Shape: VCCT inserts feature an 80° rhombic (diamond) shape, giving them four cutting edges which provides cost-effectiveness.
    • Positive Rake Angle: The cutting face slopes slightly forward from the cutting edge. This often produces a smoother cut with less cutting force, suitable for specific material types.
    • Clearance Angle: Typically around 7° to help prevent rubbing against the workpiece.
    • Sharp Cutting Edge: The acute corner radius promotes better surface finishes, especially for finishing operations.
    • Chipbreakers: VCGT inserts may have chipbreakers on one or both sides to influence chip formation and control.
    • Coatings: Often coated with materials like TiN, AlTiN, etc., to improve wear resistance and tool life.

VCGT insert Specification

Understanding the VCGT Code

The letters and numbers in the VCGT designation tell you about the insert:

  • V: 80° rhombic shape
  • C: 7° clearance angle
  • G: Indicates the specific hole and chipbreaker design (varies by manufacturer)
  • T: Indicates tolerance class (precision of size)
  • Numbers:
    • Typically, the first two numbers represent the inscribed circle (size of the diamond) in sixteenths of an inch (or directly in millimeters for ISO codes).
    • The third number represents thickness in sixteenths of an inch.
    • The last number often indicates the nose radius (smaller means sharper).

VCGT insert holder(Boring bar)

turning tool holder SVQCRL
turning tool holder SVUCRL


turning tool holder SVQBRL


turning tool holder SVUBRL

Carbide VCGT Insert Dimensions (ISO)

DesignationInscribed Circle (IC)ThicknessCorner Radius
VCGT 11030211mm (0.43")3.18mm (0.125")0.2mm (0.008")
VCGT 11030411mm (0.43")3.18mm (0.125")0.4mm (0.016")
VCGT 16040416mm (0.63")4.76mm (0.187")0.4mm (0.016")
VCGT 16040816mm (0.63")4.76mm (0.187")0.8mm (0.031")

Example: VCGT 160402 (ISO)

  • 80° rhombic shape, positive rake insert.
  • Inscribed circle of 12.7mm (approx. 1/2″).
  • Thickness of 3.18mm (approx. 1/8″).
  • Specific chipbreaker/hole design.

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