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RCMX insert
RCMX insert

RCMX insert

RCMX insert angle: 7° Positive Rake Screw-On Insert with single-sided Chipbreaker;

Recommended for wide range of materials

Round carbide insert;

Breaker Application: Semi-roughing & Roughing machining

Matching TurningTool Holder: SRGCRL,SRDCN

RCMX Insert can deal with multiple operations by combining different chip breakers and grades.

Material : Tungsten Carbide

RCMX insert specification

RCMX round insert suitable for roughing and semi-roughing, the special chipformer design ensures the rigidity of the insert in the face of the complexity of roughing, but also ensures that it is capable of continuous machining.

RCMX insert Meaning

Understanding the RCMX Insert Code

  • R: Shape: Round. RCMX inserts are round but have cutting edges spaced around the circumference for indexing.
  • C: Clearance Angle: Positive, often small (around 7 degrees) for general-purpose use, though variations for specific materials can exist.
  • M: Tolerance: Medium tolerance (‘M’) is most typical, but precision tolerances might be available.
  • X: Chipbreaker style & Hole Configuration. This letter denotes the specific chipbreaker and whether the insert has a hole. Chipbreaker variations are manufacturer-specific, so always check their resources.
  • Numerical Digits:
    • First Two Digits: Inscribed Circle (IC) diameter in millimeters. To obtain the approximate inch equivalent, divide this number by 25.4.
    • Next Two Digits: May refer to thickness or other dimensions depending on the manufacturer. It’s crucial to consult the specific manufacturer’s catalog.

RCMX insert holder





RCMX Insert Dimensions (ISO)

RCMX DesignationLEICSD1
RCMX 0803MO883.183.4
RCMX 1003MO10103.183.6
RCMX 1204MO12124.764.4
RCMX 1606MO16166.355.5
RCMX 2006MO20206.356.5
RCMX 2507MO25257.947.2
RCMX 3509MO32329.529.5

Example: RCMX 1204MO

    • Round shape: with multiple cutting edges.
    • 0-degree clearance angle (or potentially a slight positive angle)
    • Medium tolerance.
    • Manufacturer-specific chipbreaker and hole configuration.
    • 12mm inscribed circle diameter (approx. 0.47in inches)
    • “04andMO will have manufacturer-specific meanings for thickness, edge style, etc.

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